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May God Bless Us With Discomfort

These recent weeks have been trying. The world seems upside-down, businesses are closed, and people are losing their jobs. Families and friends are unable to mourn together in times of loss. We watch daily as the death toll rises. It can all be very unsettling. But sometimes, perhaps we need to be unsettled. Can we use this as an opportunity to look at our lives and ask “Where are set in our ways,”   Particularly, where are we set in ways that aren’t healthy for us as a society, that aren’t in line with what Jesus calls us to do?   What lessons can we learn from this that we want to bring forward into our new lives, after all of this is a thing of the past? The other day on my evening walk I passed a closed storefront that had painted messages in its windows. One said “Comfort the Disturbed. Disturb the Comfortable.” A few days later, on a sidewalk someone had spray painted the message “With discomfort comes growth.” Maybe this is what Jesus is getting at when he says, “Bl